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Public Courses

Agawam Municipal GC
128 Southwick St., Feeding Hills; 786-2194
Pro: Ron Dunn
Course record: 61-Wayne Leal, Rick Leal

Bas Ridge GC
151 Plunkett St., Hinsdale; 655-2605
Pro: none
Course record: no official record

Cherry Hill GC (9 Holes)
Rte. 63, North Amherst; 256-4071
Manager: Dan Engstrom
Course record: 65-Dan Engstrom

Chicopee CC
1290 Burnett Rd., Chicopee; 594-9295
Pro: Tom DiRico
Course record: 62-Steve Bys

Cranwell Resort
55 Lee Street, Lenox; 637-1364
Pro: Dave Strawn
Course record: 63-David Hathaway

East Mountain CC
1458 East Mountain Rd., Westfield; 568-1539
Pro: Ted Perez Jr.
Course record: 61-Kelly Gosse

Edge Hill GC
298 Barnes Rd., Ashfied; 625-6018
Course record: 73-Greg Rogers

Edgewood GC
161 Sheep Pasture Rd., Southwick; 569-6826
Pro: Mike Grigely
Course record: 61-Mike Slyne

Franconia GC
619 Dwight Rd., Springfield; 734-9334
Pro: Dan DiRico
Course record: 63-Mike Werenski

Hampden CC
128 Wilbraham Rd., Hampden; 566-8010
Pro: Rob Berube
Course record: 62-Bill Downes Jr.

Mill Valley Golf Links (9 Holes)
Pro: Mike O'Neill
380 Mill Valley Rd., Belchertown; 323-4079
Course record: 66-Steve Tolpa, Eirk Tiele

Oak Ridge GC
850 South Westfield St., Feeding Hills; 789-7307
Pro: Jim Modzelesky, Eric Nelson
Course record: 64-Greg Folsom

Oak Ridge GC (9 Holes)
231 West Gill Rd., Gill; 863-9693
Course record: 61-Bob Caouette Sr

Pontoosuc Lake CC
Ridge Ave., Pittsfield; 445-4217
Course record: 64-Walt Kubica

The Ranch Golf Club
100 Ranch Club Road Southwick, 569-9333
Pro: Peter Chapman

Southampton CC
329 College Highway, Southampton; 527-9815
Pro: John Strycharz
Course record: 63-Ed Rubis, Frank Sadowski

Tekoa GC
459 Russell Rd., Westfield; 568-1064
Pro: Stephen Sullivan
Course record: 64-George Paiva, Jeff Valliere

The Meadows GC (9 Holes)
394 Deerfield St., Greenfield; 773-9047
Course record: 64-Dave Kennedy

Thomas Memorial G$CC (9 Holes)
29 Country Club Lane, Turners Falls; 863-8003
Course record: 59-Bob Caouette Sr.

Veterans GC
1059 South Branch Parkway, Springfield; 783-9611
Pro: Bob Downes
Course record: 63-Joe Perry

Waubeeka GL
Rte. 7/137 New Ashford Rd., Williamstown; 458-8355
Pro: Jeff Gazaille
Course record: 65-Trevor Gliwski

Westover GC
South St., Granby; 547-8610
Pro: Bob Mucha
Course record: 64-Tele Wightman

Whippernon CC (9 Holes)
490 Westfield Rd., Russell; 862-3606
Course record: no official record


Amherst GC
356 South Pleasant St., Amherst; 256-6894
Pro: Dave Twohig
Course record: 65-Jay Morgan

Beaver Brook GC (9 Holes)
183 Main St., Haydenville; 268-7229
Pro: Hiroshi Akimoto
Course record: 29-Bob Toski

CC of Greenfield
244 Country Club Rd., Greenfield; 773-7530
Pro: Bucky O'Brien
Course record: 61-Kevin Piecuch

CC of Wilbraham (9 Holes)
859 Stony Hill Rd., Wilbraham; 596-8887
Pro: Daril Pacinella/Ann Marie Hamilton
Course record: 61-Daril Pacinella

Crumpin-Fox Club
Parmenter Rd., Bernardston; 648-9101
Pro: Mike Zaranek
Course record: 66-Jeff Julian

Dunroamin CC (9 Holes)
262 Lower Rd., Gilbertville; 477-8880
Pro: Warren Nelson
Course record: 65-Bobby Nichols, Ken Jurczyk, Tim Adams, Wayne Higney

Egremont CC
Rte. 23, Great Barrington; 528-4222
Pro: Marc Levesque
Course record: 65-Dan Engstrom

Ellinwood CC
1928 Pleasant St., Athol; 978 249-7460
Course record: 63-Tom Day

Forest Park CC (9 Holes)
Forest Park Ave., Adams; 743-3311
Course record: 61-Jim Nichols

Greenock CC (9 Holes)
West Park St., Lee; 243-3323
Pro: Mike Bechard
Course record: 63-Tom Keenan

Hickory Ridge CC
191 West Pomeroy Lane, Amherst; 253-9320
Pro: Rick Fleury
Course record: 64-Rick Fleury

Holyoke CC
Smith Ferry Rd. Rt. 5, Holyoke; 534-1933
Pro: Via Wightman
Course record: 65-Mike Martin, Tom Sullivan, Joe Bach

North Adams CC (9 Holes)
641 River Rd., Clarksburg; 664-9011
Pro: Jack Tosone
Course record: 64-David Hathaway, Steve Kawa

Northampton CC
135 Main St., Leeds; 586-1898
Pro: Tim Walko
Course record: 63-Butch Duhart

Northfield GC (9 Holes)
31 Holton St., Northfield ; 498-2432
Pro: Bill Tenney
Course record: 60-Bill Thornton

Pine Grove GC
254 Wilson Rd., Northampton; 584-4570
Pro: Ray Millette
Course record: 61-Mike Slyne

Quaboag CC
70 Palmer/Route 32, Monson; 267-5294
Pro: Arvid Hill
Course record: 60-Tom Sullivan

Shaker Farms CC
866 Shaker Rd., Westfield; 562-2770
Pro: Tom Miron
Course record: 65-Bob Mucha, Jr., Bart McCarthy

Skyline CC
405 South Main Street, Lanesboro; 445-5584
Pro: Jim Mitus
Course record: 66-Dave Donovan

St. Anne CC
781 Shoemaker Lane, Feeding Hills; 786-2088
Course record: 64-Tom Napolitan

Southwick CC
739 College Hwy., Southwick; 569-0136
Course record: 64-Gene Facey

Taconic GC
9 Meacham St., Williamstown; 458-3997
Pro: Rick Pohle
Course record: 64-Rick Pohle

Wahconah CC
Orchard Rd., Dalton; 684-2864
Pro: Paul Daniels
Course record: 65-Paul Daniels, Joe Mullarkey

Worthington GC (9 Holes)
113 Ridge Rd., Worthington; 238-4464
Pro: Mark Duane
Course record: 62-Willard Brown

Private Courses

Berkshire Hills CC
Benedict Rd., Pittsfield; 447-9429
Pro: Bob Meheran
Course record: 66-Steve Magargal, Robert Ahlen

CC of Pittsfield
639 South St., Pittsfield; 447-8504
Pro: Brad Benson
Course record: 63-Alan Schulte

Crestview CC
280 Shoemaker Lane, Agawam; 786-0917
Pro: Dave DiRico
Course record: 63-Tony Clecak, Becky Iverson

Elmcrest CC
105 Somersville Rd., E. Longmeadow; 525-8444
Pro: Mike Cotela, Steve Cotela
Course record:

Longmeadow CC
40 Shaker Rd., Longmeadow; 567-8412
Pro: Jim Nattoli
Course record: 64-Bobby Jones, Dick Stranahan

Ludlow CC
Tony Lema Dr., Ludlow; 583-3434
Pro: Bob O'Neil
Course record: 63-Mike Majka

Springfield CC
1375 Elm St., W. Springfield; 734-5426
Pro: Ed Twohig Jr.
Course record: 64-Jim McDonald, Bill Cunningham

Stockbridge GC
Main St., Stockbridge; 298-34223
Pro: Jim Walker
Course record: 65-Mike Burke

The Blandford Club (9 holes)
North St., Blandford; 848-2443
Pro: Tim Quirk
Course record: 63-Daril Pacinella

The Orchards GC
Silverwood Terrace, South Hadley; 534-3806
Pro: Bob McHugh
Course record: 62-Jim Chancey

Twin Hills CC
700 Wolf Swamp Rd., Longmeadow; 567-0181
Pro: Ron Mattson
Course record: 65-Stuart Meyers

Wyantenuck CC
West Sheffield Rd,. Great Barrington; 528-0350
Pro: Tom Sullivan
Course record: 62-Andy Congdon

Wyckoff GC
233 Easthampton Rd., Holyoke; 536-3602
Pro: Tony Kelley
Course record: 60-Kurt Wajda, Ed Garbacik

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